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Support for Adobe Support

Adobe's corporate logo was designed by Marva Warnock, wife of John Warnock, who is also a graphic designer.Adobe's first products after PostScript were digital fonts, which they released in a proprietary format called Type 1. Apple subsequently developed a competing standard, TrueType, which provided full scalability and precise control of the pixel pattern created by the font's outlines, and licensed it to Microsoft.

Adobe responded by publishing the Type 1 specification and releasing Adobe Type Manager, software that allowed WYSIWYG scaling of Type 1 fonts on screen, like TrueType, although without the precise pixel-level control. But these moves were too late to stop the rise of TrueType.

Although Type 1 remained the standard in the graphics/publishing market, TrueType became the standard for business and the average Windows user. In 1996, Adobe and Microsoft announced the OpenType font format, and in 2003 Adobe completed converting its Type 1 font library to OpenType.

We support the following :

  • Unlimited 24x7 tech support for Adobe
  • Installation and configuration support for Adobe
  • Technical support for troubleshooting Adobe script errors and run time errors

Technology isn’t limited to serious tasks. It can have a creative bend too! The quote fits well for Adobe systems, the pioneers for PDF formats and various other graphical tools and features. Headquartered in California, Adobe systems have registered splurging employee strength of over 9000 people working in different departments. Attesting its pristine status in the application development space, Adobe has found a beloved following amongst graphical artists and especially photographers for its Adobe Photoshop tool. With so many tools, the need of a reliable Adobe tech support was raised quite earlier.

Live PC Mart took no time in strengthening its horizon and move over to software applications from hardware troubleshooting. Simultaneously, Adobe customer support unit came into being. Right now, it is shouldering a large database of queries for many Adobe applications. It was imperative for us to hire a skilled team of professionals who could resolve creative issues and understand the technical sophistication at the same time.

Our Adobe technical assistance establishment provides customised support for all errors in Adobe products. Whether it’s with the Photoshop, or the Reader, Adobe after Effects or Prelude, we have been covering all of them. Just like the list of Adobe applications is long, so does the subsequent issues attached to them. Our Adobe customer care unit has handled a large number of issues in Adobe such as: Download and install Reader/Photoshop

  • Convert PDF into Ms Word and vice versa
  • Unable to open a PDF
  • PDF files not printing
  • Upgrade to latest versions
  • Configuring new applications
  • How to create PDF files
  • How to store or save PDF files
  • How to edit PDF files
  • Unable to Photoshop certain images
  • Certain image impressions and special effects not working
  • Older PDF documents not opening
  • Cannot open non-Adobe PDF documents
  • Open password protected PDFs
  • Updating drivers
  • OS compatibility issues
  • Adobe Photoshop not opening properly

  • Adobe Software And many more Support

    As stated, there is not end to the indefinite mesh of inconsistencies Adobe products fall prey to. Thus, you should choose your Adobe customer care vendor wisely. To cover all problematic areas efficiently, Live PC Mart provides technical assistance through its newly launched Adobe online tech help. For those who hate call communications or don’t have that much time to wait, Adobe email support allows them to shoot their queries at our email id and seek troubleshooting steps in response. To seek assistance, drop in a mail at our Adobe email support wing at info@LivePCMart.com

    Adobe Softwrae Support | Why Us?

    Live PC Mart carries rich experience in troubleshooting softwares. We knew that taking up Adobe technical assistance as challenge won’t be a cake walk. However, following our work ethics and discipline at work, we are now anchoring the market in this space.

  • We are available 24x7, call us anytime from anywhere
  • Team of domain certified professionals
  • Flexible rates to meet individual needs
  • Low call waiting rates, Average waiting rate :60 secs
  • Reduced escalation
  • Remote access available so that you can view live troubleshooting
  • What are you waiting for? Call our Adobe customer support phone number at ‘1800-336-5899’ and seek real time benefits.

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